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Why Thermal Imaging?


Thermal imaging uses specially designed infrared video or still cameras to make images that show surface heat variations. This technology has a number of applications. Thermal imaging can detect:

  • abnormally hot electrical connections or components
  • heat loss and air leakage in homes around doors and windows
  • effectiveness of insulation in a building's construction
  • water intrusion and moisture penetration in various areas of a home

The most accurate thermographic inspection device is a thermal imaging camera, which produces a 2-dimensional thermal picture of an area.

WIN Home Inspection Southeast Idaho uses the most technologically advanced equipment in the world. Our primary camera is a FLIR™ E6 that can differentiate down to 1/10th of 1° F. Along with quality equipment is the training to interpret the results. Our inspectors carry at least a CRT (Certified Residential Thermographer) designation. 

A normal home inspection is non-invasive and ,therefore limited to what can be physically seen by the inspector without tearing into walls / floors, etc... Having a thermal camera at our disposal is very helpful when determining deficiencies that are not readily visible. 

We encourage all homebuyers to consider having the inspector use a Thermal Imaging Camera during your home inspection. To learn more please call 208-604-0422 or visit