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How to Keep Your AC in Great Shape this Summer

An air conditioning (A/C) unit could sit idly for up to eight months, depending on where you live. Just because it started the summer season off strong, doesn’t mean it’s immune to breakdowns midseason – when you need it most. READ MORE

Gas Barbecue Grill Safety Tips

New House Checklist

You have the keys to your new home. What’s next? You may have the urge to move right away, but before you do, there are a few things to consider. That’s where your new house checklist comes in. No matter where your new house is, here are some things to consider. READ MORE

First Signs of an Issue with a Drain or Septic System

Most Important Repairs Before Selling a House

It is easy to miss a lot of the wear and tear that happens to your house over the years. But when you start thinking about selling, the state of your home becomes much clearer.
You know that there are things that need to be fixed and cleaned up. However, you only have so much money and time to make repairs. So, what should you fix? READ MORE

10 Tools Every Homeowner Should Own

Once you own a home, it’s a fact of life that things can break or need repairs throughout. Having some basic tools on hand can help you when it comes time to fix things that end up needing repairs around your house. READ MORE

Home Maintenance for Spring

Home Maintenance for Spring involves some regular seasonal home maintenance after winter starts leaving, but it also depends on the weather we encountered at the end of fall and throughout winter. READ MORE

Spring Cleaning: Make It Fast, Easy and Effective

Spring is the perfect time to open up the windows in your house and clean every surface inch, but there’s no reason to spend more time on this task than necessary.
These tips can help get you ready to enjoy the weather without the mess! READ MORE

February Home Maintenance Checklist 2022

The Danger of Unlined Chimney Flues

Gas heating appliances – whether a water heater, furnace, or a boiler system – need correctly sized and installed chimney / exhaust systems for venting to occur properly. Although visible soot is typically not apparent when an appliance is running properly, they are still producing very corrosive substances which will harm your chimney. READ MORE